Zhao Cong - Sound of China Dance In the Moon (Pipa Album)

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As a leading Pipa performer in China, Zhao Cong is known for her unique style which blends the classic and the modern in grace and harmony. Her innovative and dynamic performance reveals her distinctive versatility and ingenuity. All the songs played by Zhao Cong on this album were written by talented Chinese composer, Ma Jiu Yue. His love of Chinese traditional music and his natural gift aptly demonstrate why his compositions touch our hearts. Besides the beautiful composition of the songs, the production of this album itself yields some very interesting stories.

Firstly, the music attracted the attention of highly experienced and revered Danish sound engineer, Hans Nielsen, who not only owns the largest private recording studio in Denmark, but who has also produced and recorded thousands of albums. Secondly, the project has brought together both Chinese musicians and Western producers to create a superb blend of world music which combines Eastern and Western culture. The marriage of these two different cultures has actually produced an extremely powerful and exotic musical panorama.

Finally, the icing on the cake has been the fact that Modern Audio Limited has released the album, and music lovers everywhere who have been eagerly waiting, can now get their hand on this wonderful international music production.

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Packaged in an XRCD-like luxury digipak complete with full color CD booklet.

• Made in Japan
• Superior Crystal Sound
• Ultimate High Quality CD
• XRCD-Like Luxury Digipak
• Playable on conventional CD players

1. Moon Light on Spring River
2. Ambush On All Sides
3. Chinese Beauty
4. Song of Horse Herding
5. Herdsman
6. Blue Sky of West Region
7. Dance In the Moon
8. One Rainy Night
9. Timeless
10. Present Me A Rose

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