To ensure that your gear is performing at its optimum, we also provide the following services:

Record Cleaning Service:

You can now enjoy clean records and not worry about dirty records anymore. You can now have your record cleaned before we ship it out. With the purchase, you can now choose for us to clean the record for $4.50 each using the Audio Desk RCM. Click here for more details.

As an audiophile, we spend lots of dollars on a turntable and a cartridge that can easily run into the thousands. We are also aware of the need of a clean vinyl in order to bring our investment to justice but who has got the time to clean the records. Playing an uncleaned record means hearing the obvious pops and crackles which would also damage and shorten the cartridge life.

Regularly cleaning our vinyls is a way of life in an audiophile's world. To effectively remove the accumulated dust, grime and grease that has got into the grooves over the years we need a wet/vacuum process on a professional record cleaning machine and time.

Results are amazing, however we cannot guarantee that it will completely remove all the cracks and pops and other pressing faults. Cleaning do greatly increase the quality of reproduction and reduced surface noise. The degree of improvement does vary. If the record has been damaged by a worn stylus, this cannot be recovered by cleaning.

However if the vinyl has been played by a well maintained high quality turntable then be ready to be amazed by what can be achieved with a simple cleaning process.

We use only the best record cleaning machine:

Equipment: Audio Desk Vinyl Record Cleaner
Cleaning Fluids: Audio Desk Cleanng Fluid


  • 1 - 50 records - $5.00 each

Multiple discounts apply for bulk orders:

  • 51 - 100 records 5% discount; and
  • 101 + records 10% discount.

All prices include GST and exclude shipping.

Cleaned record should be replaced in a brand new inner sleeve. We can do this with the sleeve of your choice. Prices vary with each type of sleeve. Priced from A$0.50 each.
We use LP Mailers to return cleaned LPs. These LP Mailers can then be reused. Cost of mailer: $5.00 each.

Turntable Set-up Service:

In order to get the most out of your records, it is necessary to have a properly calibrated turntable. This means to ensure that the stylus are mounted correctly at the right angle, tangent, and azimuth, and with the correct amount of force and anti-force. These sounds easy but it is not. Firstly, you would need all the set-up tools to measure these essential measurements. A professional tuned turntable would sound great and the only way to acheive this is do the tune-up on-site.

Cost for basic tune-up :  $250.00 (recommended for novice turntable users)

This is a call out fees by a turntable expert who will make a house-call to ensure that your gear is set-up properly. If required, he will then make necessary adjustments to the turntable.

Cost for a high end set-up : From $500.00

The same as a basic tune-up but using more precision tune-up equipment which would take up more time. This service is recommended for turntables costing more than $5,000.  This is a house-call by a turntable expert. The expert will ensure that your turntable is set-up properly in your home using precision equipment. This would usually takes more than 1.5 hours.

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