Yoshio Nagashima - Virtuoso In Contrabass



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The Ultimate Goal Of Recording Reached!
Most Natural Sound Recorded By An Innovative Recording Technique - A "Must" Experience!

Though not so showy, the sound of contrabass is intriguingly attractive. Virtuoso Nagashima certainly knows how to bring out the beauty of the deep earthy sound of contrabass. It is this attractiveness of the sound that captivated Nagashima when he heard a renowned contrabass player play. It is quite noticeable in this recording that Nagashima is still fascinated by and in love with the quiet yet mysteriously engaging sound of contrabass.

For the recording Nagashima plays J.B. Gadanini from 1760. Gadanini is a famous contrabass and violin maker in Italy. The deep delicate sound of this Gadanini resounds as though it is touching each and every grain of wood. Harmonix tuning device and technique applied to every step of recording brings out the sweetness and musicality from this instrument that is often missing in recorded contrabass sound.

To further enhance the quality of this contrabass, Nagashima uses a Peccatte bow which is considered one of the world's best bows. Such care and aspiration for excellence enable Nagashima to beautifully play extremely difficult pieces such as "Moses Fantasia".

All string instrument fans must add this one to their CD collection.

The outstanding sound quality of these CDs was made possible by the application of Harmonix tuning techniques and direct recording method. The shortfalls of digital recording caused by electric and mechanical distortions are eliminated by tuning all the elements critical to recording; microphone, cables, amplifiers, A/D converter, PC boards in computer and master disc itself. In this tapeless direct recording editing is done in the computer without repeated copying fo the original recording, thus making the master CD-R disc free of degradation of the original signal.

The result is an entirely new dimension of sound with goodness of both analog and digital recording methods - sound that is warm with much delineation, yet clear and free of noise. You will hear in any of the CDs in this series the result of the intensive and extensive tuning and new type of tapeless direct recording no one has ever tried before.

Beautiful exchange between wood and strings... Nagashima certainly knows how to make his instrument captivate your heart. -I. Yoshida, AV Village


  • 24K Gold CD
  • Tapeless Direct Recording
  • Recorded April 27-28, 1996 at Mito Concert Hall, Mito, Japan
  • Made in Japan


Yoshio Nagashima contrabass
Ichiro Nodaira piano


Giovanni Bottesini (1821-1889)

  1. Elegy D-major

Reyngol'd Moritsevich Glier (1875-1956)

  1. Terantella op.9 No.2

Niccolo Paganini (1782-1840)

  1. -7. Moses-Fantasia / Variations on One String on a theme by Rossini

Serge Koussevitzky (1874-1951)

  1. Andantte op.1 No.1
  2. Valse Miniature op.1 No.2

Giovanni Bottesini

  1. Allegretto Capriccio

Paul Ramsier (1927-2021)

Divertimento on a theme of Couperin
  1. Barcarolle
  2. March
  3. Dirge
  4. Recitative
  5. Valse Cinematique
  6. Toccata Barocca (Passucaglia)

Maria Theresia von Paradis (1759-1824)

  1. Siciliana

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

  1. Arioso

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Record Label Cosmo Village
Music Genre Classicals