Various Artists - Audiophile Analog Collection Vol. 2

180-gram vinyl Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

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180-gram vinyl

Cut by Matthew Lutthans at The Mastering Lab by Acoustic Sounds

Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Audiophile Analog Collection Vol.2 released in 2020 by 2xHD. Here is the second all analog 2xHD Fidelio vinyl sampler with recording done on the Nagra IV-S or NagraT, and 180-gram pressing by the world's top LP maker, Quality Record Pressings.

Lacquers were cut by Matthew Lutthans at The Mastering Lab by Acoustic Sounds using the renowned Doug Sax tube equipment to get the most natural and transparent sound. This LP contains what may be the lowest and most dynamic bass sound ever recorded on vinyl!

The collection includes jazz, blues, percussion ensembles, world music and classical music. This is a special compilation of analog audiophile recordings at their best, with emphasis on execution and great sound.

In the high end audio world, audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme has carved out a reputation for definition of excellence. Manufacturers of audiophile equipment such as Nagra Audio, renowned D to A converter manufacturer dCS Ltd and high-end turntable manufacturers, Kronos Audio seek his expertise in representation and assistance in design. The exclusive 2xHD system is the fruit of Laflamme's total experience and imagination.

Side A:
    1. Route 66 (Doreen Smith, voice - Bobby Troup)
    2. Seven Last Words Of Christ - Introduction (Monique Page, soprano / Regis Rousseau, organ - Theodore Dubois)
    3. Echanges Synaptiques Interdits (Frederic Alarie & Eric Chappell on double bass & octobass)
    4. Musicus Percussion #3 (Percussion Ensemble - Improvisation)
Side B:
    1. Lights Of Barcelona (Marc Vallee Trio - guitar, stick and percussions)
    2. Libertango (Trio de Curda - cello, accordion and double bass)
    3. Alle, Psallite Cum, Laya (FACD 015) (Les Jongleur de la Mandragore)
    4. Le Violette (Anonymous tenor & harpsichord players - A. Scarlatti)

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Record Label Misc
Music Genre Jazz