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Pete Townshend's demos had grown legendary among Who collectors well before the official release of the double-album Scoop in 1983. On each demo, Townshend worked out full arrangements, which the Who would often follow exactly. He also recorded a wealth of songs and instrumental pieces that never made it to record. Over the course of two albums, Scoop features 25 of these demos, including both classic Who songs ("So Sad About Us," "Bargain," "Behind Blue Eyes," "Magic Bus," "Love Reign O'er Me") and unreleased gems ("Politician," "Melancholia," "To Barney Kessell," "Mary").

1. So Sad About Us / Brrr

2. Squeezebox

3. Zelda

4. Politician

5. Dirty Water

6. Circles

7. Piano: 'Tipperary'

8. Unused Piano: 'Quadrophenia'

9. Melancholia

10. Bargain

11. Things Have Changed

12. Popular

13. Behind Blue Eyes

14. The Magic Bus

15. Cache, Cache

16. Cookin'

17. You're So Clever

18. Body Language

19. Initial Machine Experiments

20. Mary

21. Recorders

22. Goin' Fishin'

23. To Barney Kessell

24. You Came Back

25. Love Reign O'er Me

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Record Label Classic Records (Eel Pie)
Music Genre Jazz