Miles From India - A Celebration of the Music of Miles Davis

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After unanimous acclaim from critics and consumers alike, the groundbreaking album Miles From India is now available on vinyl. A cross-cultural celebration of the music of Miles Davis by India's foremost musicians collaborating with the legendary musicians who comprised the various Miles Davis bands over the years.

"Miles From India is arguably the most ambitious and certainly the most hybrid of Miles Davis tribute projects...a scintillating cross-pollination of music rooted in extended improvisations and buoyed by the sonic spice of Indian instruments." - Billboard

1. Spanish Key

2. All Blues

3. Ife (Fast)

4. In a Silent Way - Zawinul, Joe

5. It's About That Time

6. Jean Pierre

7. So What

8. Miles Runs the Voodoo Down

9. Blue in Green

10. Great Expectations - Zawinul, Joe

11. Ife (Slow)

12. Miles from India - McLaughlin, John

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Record Label 4Q
Music Genre Jazz