Marc Johnson - The Sound Of Summer Running

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Never Before on VINYL!!! 180g Double Vinyl Pressed in Germany with Deluxe Packaging! With The Sound of Summer Running, bassist Marc Johnson has assembled a landmark quartet of such magnitude as to rival his legendary Bass Desires group of the mid 80s. Returning from that group is crafty guitar pioneer Bill Frisell. The two new additions are contemporary jazz guitar master Pat Metheny and the always adventurous percussionist Joey Baron. This list of musicians constitutes a "dream band" if there ever was one. For this album, his sixth recording as a leader, Johnson wanted to continue the idea of a two-guitarist alignment. "Those guys are so diverse and their ranges are so large…they can play with authority anything from free improvisation to Country & Western," Johnson said of Frisell and Metheny. "Both of them are master musicians, and I knew they were going to play well together. But I didn't realize how well until I was in the studio with them. They floored me on every take." The album takes its name from a story by Ray Bradbury, and has a distinctive American Midwestern feel. Johnson wanted to write music that spoke clearly and simply to the heart. Once he decided that he wanted to do a "heartland" album, the writing started to flow freely. Johnson shared composition responsibilities with Metheny, who contributed one piece, and Frisell, who wrote two pieces. "Hearing Frisell and Metheny--arguably the two most original and identifiable guitar stylists in modern music--establish their relaxed, playful dialogue would be reason enough for this meeting, but Johnson's focal role as composer with an unforced lyricism along with Baron's consistently superb percussion make this a sound for all seasons." -Sam Sutherland "Marc Johnson has created sounds so gentle, wholesome, even magical, they evoke a country summer childhood..." -Entertainment Weekly "This date is a surprisingly mellow and melodic affair, particularly when one considers the personnel (bassist Marc Johnson, both Bill Frisell and Pat Metheny on guitars and drummer Joey Baron). Much of the music is comprised of unclassifiable, folkish melodies filled with lyrical guitar solos. Frisell is quite restrained throughout (adding a country feel to many of the songs) and Metheny is less distinctive than usual, alternating between his electric and acoustic guitars, as well as his 42-string pikasso guitar. The quartet performs seven Johnson originals (most memorable is "Union Pacific"), two by Frisell and one from Metheny. The overall results are pleasing and relaxed music..." - Recorded on 180g heavy-weight vinyl to ensure quality sound and protected by premium vinyl outer sleeve. Initial pressing includes limited time 24" x 36" fold-out poster cover. The “Play 33 1/3 LP Series” features masterpiece albums released in the '90s converted for the first time world-wide to analog Long Playing record. The album cover and package created after months of graphic work and processes by hand enhanced its excellence and to ensure the record’s superb sound quality, the German MMP, who undertook the record production of EMI Germany and Universal, utilized a heavy weight 180g vinyl LP to contain the sound. Khiov who was in charge of the planning and production of many LP miniature series took charge of the album cover production spending 6 months to create a masterpiece. This project was highly scrutinized passing rigid testing at the factory in Germany. Even the performers themselves had not been able to put their hands on the LP version of their own albums as their home country had not produced them. The LPs produced by this project certainly have become must-have items by LP lovers all around the world. In the age where faster and more convenient is thought to be better, the increase in demand for the retro vinyl LP worldwide is clearly attributed to the satisfaction from the sound offered by analog products impossible to be replicated by CD and digital products and the delight of touching, feeling, and possessing this masterpiece-like large artwork. Furthermore, LP records have both rarity and history that increase their value over time and serve as an attractive factor for collectors. Features: • Play 33 1/3 Series • 180g heavyweight Vinyl • Double LP • Initial pressing includes limited time 24" x 36" fold-out poster cover • 4-Page booklet • Lacquer cut at SST (Schallplatten Schneid Technik) Bruggemanni Germany • Pressed at Pallas in Germany Musicians: Marc Johnson, bass Bill Frisell, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Pat Metheny, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 42-string pikasso guitar Joey Baron, drums, tambourine Selections: LP 1 - Side 1: 1. Faith In You 2. Ghost Town LP 1 - Side 2: 1. Summer Running 2. With My Boots On 3. Union Pacific LP 2 - Side 3: 1. Porch Swing 2. Dingy-Dong Day 3. The Adventures of Max and Ben LP 2 - Side 4: 1. In A Quiet Place 2. For A Thousand Years

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Record Label Universal (Play 33 1/3)
Music Genre Jazz