Kato Kuniko - Counterpoint-Kuniko Plays Reich

180-gram vinyl pressed at Pallas

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180-gram vinyl pressed at Pallas

Japanese virtuoso percussionist Kuniko invigorates with steel pans, marimba and vibraphone!

"The versatile Japanese percussionist's highly inventive and colourful arrangements of Steve Reich's music produced one of the discs of the year." — Gramophone

"The percussionist gave the world premiere performance of her marimba version of Reich's New York Counterpoint in New York last year. Her recording of the work elicits some of the most exciting playing on the disc." — International Record Review

Counterpoint is a collection of works by Steve Reich arranged and performed by Kuniko, one of the most gifted and significant percussionists of her generation.

The arrangements, made in collaboration with Steve Reich and originally premiered on Kuniko Plays Reich and Cantus, are available on LP for the first time. The pressing is on 180-gram vinyl and is manufactured by the prestigious Pallas firm in Germany, which is highly regarded by vinyl lovers everywhere.

The LP showcases Kuniko's new live solo marimba part that accompanies the pre-recorded tape of five marimbas in Six Marimbas Counterpoint. Kuniko gave the world premiere performance of her arrangement of Reich's New York Counterpoint in New York in 2012. Kuniko won praise from the composer himself who stated: "Kuniko Kato is a first rate percussionist." Kuniko's arrangement of Vermont Counterpoint, originally for flute, piccolo and alto flute, was inspired after Reich himself suggested it.

Track Listing:

    Steve Reich (b.1936)
1. Six Marimbas Counterpoint (1986/2010)
        Arr. for solo marimba and pre-recorded tape
2. New York Counterpoint (1985-2012)
        arr. for solo marimba
3. Vermont Counterpoint (1982/2010)
        arr. for vibraphone and pre-recorded tape

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