Claudio Abbado and the London Symphony Orchestra - Stravinsky's Firebird

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Claudio Abbado conducts the London Symphony Orchestra for this audiophile recording of Stravinsky's The Firebird.

Stravinsky's genius for the ballet dominated his musical thinking throughout his life, for whatever the expressive outlet he chose, balletic habits of mind were quick to surface. Even the Symphony in three movements proceeds additively rather than organically: movement and the dance were the mainsprings of his imagination.


• 180g Vinyl


London Symphony Orchestra

Claudio Abbado, conductor


Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971)

Side 1:

Firebird (Der Feuervogel)

1. Introduction

2. L'oiseau de feu et sa danse

Der Feuervogel und sein Tanz/The Firedird and its Dance

3. variation de l'oiseau de feu

Variation: Der Feuervogel / Variation of the Firebird

4. Ronde des princesses

Reigen der Prinzessinnen / The Princesses' Round

5. Danse infernale du roi Kastchei

6. Hollentanz des Konigs Kaschtschei

7. Infernal Dance of King Kaschei

8. Berceuse / Wiegenlied / Lullaby

9. Finale

Side 2:

Jeu de Cartes

1. Kartenspiel / Card Game

2. Ballet en trois donnes / Ballet in Three Deals

3. Premiere donne / First Deal

Alla breve - Moderato assai - Tranquillo

4. Deuxieme donne / Second Deal

Alla breve - Marcia - Variazioni I-V - Coda - Marcia

5. Troisieme donne / Third Deal

Alla breve - Valse - Presto - Tempo del principio

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Record Label Clearaudio - Deutsche Grammophone
Music Genre Classicals