Cat Stevens - Teaser And The Firecat

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Limited Collector's Edition on 180-gram vinyl

Expounding on the singer/songwriter concept that made Tea for the Tillerman so successful, Stevens turned in an album of great beauty that was both plaintive and uplifting. It was Teaser and the Firecat that brought Stevens superstar status and melodically and socially it stands as a wonderful companion to Tea for the Tillerman. Contains the hits "Peace Train," "Morning Has Broken" and "Moonshadow."

Universal's 'Back To Black' Series - 60th Anniversary to Vinyl!
Premium audiophile pressing heavyweight 180-gram vinyl
All original packaging, gatefold jacket

    Side 1
    1. The Wind
    2. Ruby Love
    3. If I Laugh
    4. Changes IV
    5. How Can I Tell You
Side 2
    6. Tuesday’s Dead
    7. Morning Has Broken
    8. Bitterblue
    9. Moonshadow
    10. Peace Train

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Record Label Back to Black
Music Genre Pop - Rock