Supertramp - Crime Of The Century



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Crime Of The Century, Supertramp’s third LP, was their major breakthrough in the States (where it reached the Top 40), leading many US fans to believe it was their debut, although they had released their eponymous debut in 1970 and Indelibly Stamped a year later. Originally released on A&M in 1974, it was certainly an ambitious, keyboard driven, prog-rock epic, that is rocky, melodic and catchy, and features what would become Supertramp live staples such as ‘School’, ‘Dreamer’, ‘Bloody Well Right’ and ‘Rudy’. Produced by the band with Ken Scott, its eight tracks were apparently selected from over 40 songs that were demoed in preparation for the album. This album is summed up best by David Prakel in his book ‘Rock 'n' Roll on Compact Disc’, “Crime of the Century must rival Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon for sales on the grounds of sound quality as well as musical strength

Side 1

    School (5:34)
    Bloody Well Right (4:32)
    Hide In Your Shell (6:48)
    Asylum (6:44)

Side 2

    Dreamer (3:32)
    Rudy (7:20)
    If Everyone Was Listening (4:05)
    Crime Of The Century (5:37)

Additional Information

Record Label Back to Black
Music Genre Pop - Rock