Stockfisch - Records: Vinyl Collection Vol 2

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Stockfisch Records release another LP as they continue their DIRECT METAL MASTER CUT VINYL SERIES

180 gram logo It is astonishing and pleasing at this time: in the face of downloads and mp3 there is still - and even growing - a market demand for the vinyl long-play record, which is already 60 years old. Stockfisch therefore releases the second volume of our Vinyl-Collection containing ten tracks featuring known and new Stockfisch artists.

We compiled the tracks for this Vinyl-Collection Vol.2 following the established criteria of the "closer to the music" compilations: On one hand we want to offer samples of current Stockfisch albums, on the other hand we would like to give a sneak peek on our future CDs.

- Günter Pauler – CEO, Stockfisch Records


1. Katja Maria Werker - Tief im Innern - from Mitten im Sturm - SFR 357.6074.2

2. Ewen Carruthers - That Train - from One Red Shoe - SFR 357.4066.2

3. Ralf Illenberger - Frogs - from Red Rock Journeys - SFR 357.1020.2

4. Paul O'Brien - He Can Dance - from Walk Back Home - SFR 357.4064.2

5. Mckinley Black - Westwinds - from Beggars, Fools and Thieves - SFR 357.4065.2


1. Allan Taylor - Let The Music Flow - from Songs For The Road - SFR 357.9010.2

2. Carl & Parissa - Into The Light - from Out Of Australia - SFR 357.4060.2

3. Chris Jones - Improvisation (Studio-Out-take) ---

4. David Munyon - Carolina Song - from Pretty Blue - SFR 357.6072.2

5. Paul Stephenson - Now So Far - from Girl In The Mirror - SFR 357.4069.2

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Record Label Stockfisch Records
Music Genre Vocalist