Paul Simon - Stranger To Stranger

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14th Studio Album On 180g Vinyl!

Full of thrilling, imaginative textures, Stranger to Stranger conjures a vivid and vital new context to Simon’s well-established virtuosity as a singer and songwriter. The record, his first since 2011’s acclaimed So Beautiful or So What, ushers the listener into a brave new musical world where expectations are defied and exceeded, as they were thirty years ago with another masterwork, Graceland.

"As with Graceland, the musical and especially the sonic results are far greater and more cohesive than the sum of the parts. Hardly a musical second passes before something new and interesting floats past your ears in the transparent and coherent mix. This is an album that will draw you in and keep you immersed throughout, so strongly and subtly drawn are the sonic pictures." Michael Fremer, analogplanet, Music 10/11, Sound 10/11

"...the reservoir of sounds he draws from come from all over the globe. Pitch-shifted, sped up, slowed down, and otherwise tweaked and distorted, souces include Cloud-Chamber Bowls created by Harry Partch, the Italian dance sounds of Clap! Clap!, flamenco handclaps, a 1939 Golden Gate Quartet recording, African Rhythms that hearken back to Graceland, and gospel melodies that trace back further; electronics flit in and out without distrubing (and at times enhancing) the groove. Somehow everything gets rolled into songs that can be surpisingly radio-friendly, as with the leadoff single, 'Wristband.'" - Jeff Wilson, The Absolute Sound, Music 4.5/5, Sonics 4/5

• 180g Vinyl
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Side A:
1. The Werewolf
2. Wristband
3. The Clock
4. Street Angel
5. Stranger To Stranger
6. In A Parade

Side B:
7. Proof of Love
8. In the Garden of Edie
9. The Riverbank
10. Cool Papa Bell
11. Insomniac's Lullaby

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Record Label Concord
Music Genre Pop - Rock