Eric Bibb - Just Like Love

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This might be one of our most surprising releases so far! I do not think anybody, including myself, expected to ever see Eric Bibb on the Opus 3 label again!

As most of you know, Eric Bibb has made two studio albums and one live album since we did "Good Stuff" in 1997 (you will find his discography in the CD booklet). Eric Bibb has always said to me about the two Opus 3 albums, "that's really me." About a year ago, Eric approached me and told me that he really wanted to do another Opus 3 recording. He also told me that, despite the experience and fun of making studio albums, he had actually missed so much of the relaxed feeling during our recordings and the honest and natural recording philosophy at Opus 3.

We started the recordings in January this year and did the whole album in only four sessions. It has been a long time, if ever, that I have experienced such spirit, and Eric actually wrote two of the tracks the nights before the actual recording session!

Just Like Love is somewhat different from Spirit & The Blues and Good Stuff. It is a more passionate and intimate album with a lot of Eric's interesting "stories" about what he has experienced in life. It is a bit more in the direction of a "singer-songwriter" album, but still with most of the great musicians from the earlier Needed Time band, which is partly the same band as Tiny Island. Out of the 17 tracks, Eric has written all but three tracks which are a few of Eric's favorite old traditional songs.

- Jan-Eric Persson, Opus 3

Just Like Love - Eric Bibb

Side A.

1. Wrapped Up In Her Arms (E. Bibb)

2. My Charleston Dream (E. Bibb)

3. Dear John (E. Bibb)

4. Just Like Love (E. Bibb)

5. She's Still With Me (E. Bibb)

6. I Wanna Be Ready (Trad. / Arr. E. Bibb)

7. Katri's Kindness (E. Bibb)

8. Get It While It's Hot (E. Bibb)

9. Home In That Rock (Trad. / Arr. E. Bibb)

Side B.

1. Forever Ago (E. Bibb)

2. Deep Sea Blues (E. Bibb - D. Walker)

3. Sail Away Ladies (Trad. / Arr. E. Bibb)

4. All Your Sweetness (J. Petersson)

5. Rock Island Rocket (E. Bibb - B. Saunders)

6. Marley's Mood (E. Bibb - C. Lyssarides - J. Petersson)

7. That's Why I'm Here (E. Bibb)

8. Prayin' (M. D. Bibb - E. Bibb)

Total time: 54:37

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Record Label Opus 3
Music Genre Blues