David Roth - Pearl Diver

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The songs of David Roth stimulate all of the listener's senses... His clear and soulful voice conveys so much emotion that it can be frightening at first – such is the intensity that he projects. Every word is carefully formed and sounds absolutely unique. The stories he sings reveal themselves as reality. David Roth has not invented these stories, and why should he?

The songs of David Roth appear at first to be harmless, but every word counts: "John & Josie" describes an experience that makes it crystal clear that things are not always as they appear. "That Kind of Grace" is an exemplary portrayal of the all-pervading violence in today's society. And then there are the very personal songs that allow the listener to discover almost forgotten memories, - brought to life through the imagery of the lyrics. David Roth is an observer – one with a keen and honest eye. He speaks to the listener's intellect via the heart.

Producer Gunter Pauler describes his first encounter with the singer-songwriter: "I was amazed at the surety, with which David Roth turns such diverse themes as the career of a basketball player and the closing of a bakery into works of art. It would unfortunately be two years before our working schedules would coincide and this album could be recorded."

David Roth was born in Chicago and lives on Cape Cod. For his Stockfisch debut, he made his way to the Stockfisch studio in Northeim, Germany and recorded 12 wonderful songs and one instrumental piece. An outstanding album – intelligent, poetic and very emotional.

"One of the reasons I write songs and play music is to try and bring more beauty into a world that needs more beauty." (David Roth)

"David Roth, a powerful new singer-songwriter has reached our hearts. With voices like his still singing, there's a certainty that the candle will remain lit, the hope reasserted and the dream still sung..." - Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary)

"David writes and sings songs with a devastating combination of heartfelt wisdom and incisive wit. In my eyes he sets a new 'contemporary singer/songwriter' standard for the rest of us to aspire to, and it's a standard that is very, very high..." - Christine Lavin


David Roth, vocals, guitars, triple ocarina

Chris Jones, guitars

Hans Jorg Maucksch, fretless bass

Hrolful Vagnsson, accordion

Thomas Klippel, hammond b3

Christina Lux, backing vocals

Christiane Eiben, backing vocals

Christine Maringer-Tries, backing vocals

Beo Brockhausen, accordion, uillean pipe chanter, saxophone, gu-zheng, sarod, flutes, santur


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Record Label Stockfisch Records
Music Genre Vocalist