Clifford Curzon - A Liszt Recital

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Liszt: Sonata in B Minor, Liebestraum No. 3, Valse Oubliée No. 1, Gnomenreigen, Berceuse - Sir Clifford Curzon

Curzon excels in serious and dramatic work such as the Liszt B Minor Sonata; the performance he gives here embodies a tension and brilliance that few pianists could achieve today. He brings a quality of genuine mystery to the motto, and knows how to play the saccharine sections with just the right amount of reserve, convincing even the anti-Liszt listener that this work is one to be reckoned with the canon of the nineteenth-century piano sonata. The fugato comes off with fiendish brilliance and verve. On the reverse, a handful of Liszt's finest morceaux de genre allows any over-wrought collector to relax and enjoy sweet and delightful sounds.



1. Sonata in B Minor

2. Liebstraum

3. Valse Oubliee

4. Gnomenreigen

5. Berceuse

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Record Label Speakers Corner (Decca)
Music Genre Classicals