Terry Evans - Come To The River

• Pure analog recording
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When Terry Evans sings, people listen... and believe. For years, Evans voice has fueled albums by the likes of John Fogerty, John Lee Hooker and Ry Cooder. Terry's first album for AudioQuest Music, Puttin' It Down, was called "one for the ages" by Stereophile magazine. Come To The River, featuring some very special guests, is quite simply, Terry's best album to date. The sessions (with help from Cooder) were joyous. The music... pure magic!

"One of the best voices in the business." - Rolling Stone

• Pure analog recording
• Mastered using JVC K2-24bit AD Converter w/Digital K2, Rubidium clock
• Mastered by Tohru Kotetsu at JVC Mastering Center, Japan
• Master Music 24-bit Super Analog, Original Analog Recording

Terry Evans, vocals, acoustic guitar
Ry Cooder, guitar
Ray Williams, Willie Green Jr., Keith Williams, vocals
Jesse Samsel, guitar
Jorge Colderon, bass
Hence Powell, keyboards
John "Juke" Logan, harmonica
Phil Bloch, drums, percussion

1. Get Up, Get Ready
2. My Babe
3. Please No More
4. The River
5. I Got Loaded
6. What You Need
7. I Just Want To Make Love To You
8. Feeling Allright
9. Tears Are Rolling
10. Love Is A Precious Thing

Total Time: 47:44

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Record Label Master Music
Music Genre Blues