STS Digital - The Absolute Sound Reference Vol. 1

Introduction to the STS Digital 'CD sound'.

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Introduction to the STS Digital 'CD sound'.

This is a 'low cost' sampler CD from STS Digital, packaged in a card sleeve.  All the tracks start with the Master Tape and with the help of their unique STS Digital MW Coding, are re-engineered to provide a taste of the superb 'STS sound' on CD - at a low price. With a range of musical styles, over 19 tracks.

This CD shows just how good the medium can be, how the CD can offer a sense of scale and musical reality, not often found on CD's.

The CD is produced with all the care shown on the STS Digital full priced CD's, and comes in a simple card sleeve. Sold in batches of 10, 25, 50 and 100. enquire for prices.

Track listing

1. Just improvise Improvised

2. Kaduwa

3. Demo percussion

4. Percussion only

5. Toccata and fugues in D

6. Sonore Basion

7. 3e sonate scherzo opus 58

8. Demo on organ

9. Works for Harpsichord

10. Sarabande in D minor

11. Old Irish folksong

12. Fuga et pastorale

13. An evening pray

14. Klank welle

15. Sound recordings Piano fall

16. Sound recordings Steam engine in fabric

17. Sound recordings On the steam engine

18. Sound recordings Thunderstruck and lightning

19. Sound recordings African wind instrument

Additional Information

Record Label STS Digital
Music Genre Jazz