STS Digital - Extended Dynamic Experiance, Vol. 4

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The Dynamic Experience CD series offers a truly dynamic sense of scale and reality to the music.

Volume 4 offers 12 more super tracks from the likes of Buddy Guy, Marcus Miller and Yello.

This CD shows just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this offers a sense of scale and reality to the music. Who said the CD was dead?!

Heavy stuff! - and one warning, this CD is not very suitable to play LOUD on small bookshelf loudspeakers, you may damage them - but great fun loud on larger loudspeakers.


  1. Bela Flack - Flight of the cosmic hippo
  2. Yello - Rubberbandman
  3. Dede Priest - Blues wine
  4. Christian Mc Bride - Night train
  5. Buddy Guy - I love the life I have
  6. Marcus Miller - Power
  7. Jim Lampi - Ernest/li>
  8. Brian Bromberg - Teen Town
  9. Simpsons - In the houseman
  10. Himalaya - Norbu
  11. Misrili Luli
  12. Johan Lunenburg - A first set of 3 pieces


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Record Label STS Digital
Music Genre Jazz