Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Step

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Fueled by a desire to make up for lost time and delight in his reawakened commitment to life, Texas guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan turned in what many consider his greatest artistic statement, an album ensconced in sweat, soul, determination, and not an ounce of filler. In Step remains one of the five greatest blues records of the past quarter century.

1.       The House is Rockin'
    2.       Crossfire
    3.       Tightrope
    4.       Let Me Love You Baby
    5.       Leave My Girl Alone
    6.       Travis Walk
    7.       Wall of Denial
    8.       Scratch N Sniff
    9.       Live Me Darlin
    10.       Riviera Paradise

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Record Label Mobile Fidelity
Music Genre Blues