Sonic Youth - EVOL (Pink Vinyl)

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Limited Edition 180g Pink Vinyl Cut from Original Master Recording Tapes!

The addition of drummer Steve Shelley brought a new dangerous edge to the group. Featured tracks include "Green Light" and "Expressway to Yr. Skull".

"Sonic Youth made their first moves toward rock with EVOL, a stunningly fluent mixture of avant-garde instrumentation and subversions of rock & roll. The band benefits greatly from the addition of structure, which gives its aural experiments a firm grounding, but the addition of drummer Steve Shelley is essential to the group's new, dangerous edge. With the added propulsion, the fearless rush of "Expressway to Yr Skull" (aka "Madonna, Sean and Me") and the near-pop of "Green Light" are undeniably powerful as are the eerie textures of "Shadow of a Doubt". - from


• 180g Vinyl

• Limited Edition Pink Vinyl

• Cut from original master recording tapes


1. Green Light

2. Star Power

3. Secret Girl

4. Tom Violence

5. Death To Our Freinds

6. Shadow of A Doubt

7. Marilyn Moore

8. In the Kingdom #19

9. Madonna, Sean and Me

Additional Information

Record Label ORG - Original Recordings Group
Music Genre Alternative Music