STS Test Demo CD - STS Master Recordings - Vol 2

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13 more superbly re-engineered tracks from the original Master Tapes.

This second CD album in the Master Recordings series from STS Digital, offers 13 tracks from the likes of Joni Mitchel, the Oscar Peterson Trio and Shelbe Lynne. Using the unique MW Coding process, STS Digital once again show just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how it offers a sense of scale and reality to music, not often encountered on CD's.


  1. Joni Mitchel - Trouble child
  2. Don Williams - Just a Country boy
  3. Molly Johnson - Sweet sublime
  4. Thomas Bagerman Trio - Smiling in the cold
  5. Monica Mancini - Anywhere the heart goes
  6. Guitar Duo Tommy - Emmanuel
  7. Anouk Hendriks, J. Wesseling & Y. Kadri - All night long
  8. Gian Maria Testa - Cavalli di Frisia
  9. Oscar Peterson Trio - You look good to me
  10. Natalie Merchant - Motherland
  11. E. Ming - House of the rising sun
  12. Elene Warner - Looking for love
  13. Shelbe Lynne - A little loving

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Record Label STS Digital
Music Genre Jazz