Salvatore Accardo - Diabolus in Musica: Accardo Interpreta Paganini

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Salvatore Accardo is an outstanding Italian violin virtuoso, best known as a master of the works of Niccolo Paganini, but equally accomplished across a wide variety of repertory for the instrument. His playing is characterized by a taut, visceral tone and a disciplined musical approach that avoids self-indulgence. Having also established himself as a successful conductor, chamber musician and teacher, Accardo may be considered one of the most accomplished and influential musicians of his generation.



  1. La Risata del Diavolo
  2. La campanella02. La campanella
  3. Capriccio per violino solo n.503. Capriccio per violino solo graph
  4. Adagio flebile con sentimento04. Adagio con sentimento flebile
  5. Rondo galante .Andautino gaio05. Rondo galante. Andautino gaio
  6. Intrduzione e variazioni su06. Intrduzione e variazioni su
  7. Capriccio per violino solo n.2407. Capriccio per violino solo n.24
  8. Polacca.Andantino vivace08. Polacca.Andantino vivace
  9. Capriccio per violino solo n.109. Capriccio per violino solo n.1
  10. Rondo.Allegro spirtuoso10. Rondo.Allegro spirtuoso
  11. Capriccio per violino solo n.1311. Capriccio per violino solo n.13
  12. Sonata moto perpetuo12. Sonata moto perpetuo

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Record Label Clearaudio - Deutsche Grammophone
Music Genre Classicals