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1976 seems a long time ago, but that's when RR was born. Remember direct-to-disc LPs? That's how we started, but being inexperienced and naive, our first recording project fell short of expectations, and was never released. The label got started for real in 1978 when we connected with Keith Johnson and his home-brew focused-gap tape machine, which provided extraordinary material for Prof. Johnson's Astounding Sound Show. That's the short version .... In recent years, Reference Recordings beta-tested and introduced the High Definition Compatible Digital (HDCD) process, co-invented by Keith Johnson - in our view, the best way to make a digital compact disc.

As Exhibit A, we present RR's 30th Anniversary Sampler, a singular bargain ... we offer a generous helping of primo tracks from recent RR releases, featuring the Minnesota Orchestra, the Utah Symphony, the Pacific Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, the University of Texas Wind Ensemble, organ legend Virgil Fox and organ prodigy Felix Hell, great American pianist Gary Graffman, and our latest piano whiz, Joel Fan. All this marvelous music, including several world premieres (and one first release not available elsewhere), is delivered in Prof. Johnson's most dazzling HDCD sound for your listening pleasure or for system evaluation. Included in the booklet is a catalogue of current RR releases.


1. Susato: La Morisque 2:06

Jerry Junkin / University of Texas Wind Ensemble

2. Enescu: Romanian Rhapsody # 1 12:57

- First release!

Eiji Oue / Minnesota Orchestra

3. Gabriela Lena Frank: Mestizo Waltz 3:10

Keith Lockhart / Utah Symphony Orchestra

4. Liszt: Prelude on B-A-C-H 3:23

Felix Hell, organ

5. Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dance #3 14:33

Eiji Oue / Minnesota Orchestra

6. Liszt: Paraphrase on Verdi's "Rigoletto" 6:36

Joel Fan, piano

7. Argento: For the Angel, Israfel 4:26

Eiji Oue / Minnesota Orchestra

8. Danielpour: An American Requiem: Dies Irae 3:40

Carl St.Clair / Pacific Symphony Orchestra / Pacific Chorale

9. Skrowaczewski: Concerto Nicolò (excerpt) 4:24

Gary Graffman, piano left hand

Stanislaw Skrowaczewski / Minnesota Orchestra

10. John Tavener: Icon of Eros (excerpt) 6:16

Paul Goodwin / Minnesota Orchestra / Minnesota Chorale

Jorja Fleezanis, violin

11. Bach: Prelude in D, BWV532 4:30

Virgil Fox, organ

12. Satie: Gymnopedie #1 3:38

Eiji Oue / Minnesota Orchestra

13. Respighi: The Pines of Rome (finale) 5:48

Eiji Oue / Minnesota Orchestra

Total Time 76:14

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Record Label Reference Recordings
Music Genre Classicals