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A Safe Solution to Correcting Warped LPs and Ensuring Your Vinyl... Learn More


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A Safe Solution to Correcting Warped LPs and Ensuring Your Vinyl Is Flat ??

ANSWER:  Japanese-Made Orb DF-01iA+ LP Disc Flattener

Helps Records Sound Pristine, Rids Distortion and Corrects Pitch

Nobody likes warped LPs – especially when the album is rare and hard to replace. And forget about selling it because no one will want to buy a defective record. Some warped discs won't play back at all, but even those that do have a serious problem: They cannot produce the rich, fully engaging analog sound that remains a hallmark of good vinyl. Thankfully, those maddening issues can now be corrected by the Japanese-made Orb DF-01iA+ LP disc flattener. A convenient, trouble-free solution to the problems caused by slip-shod manufacturing or poor record storage, it flattens LPs with a high-tech automated process that turns even the worst bowl-shaped wax into ruler-flat, often-better-than-new discs that your turntable will track with perfection.

And you can rest assured DF-01iA+ is absolutely safe for even your most treasured vinyl. Japan-based Orb enjoys a reputation for developing and improving its unique treatment process. As the gold standard for warp elimination, its DF-01iA+ uses a technique whereby two semiconductor heating films are applied to only the outer edge and inner label of your LP. The critical groove architecture remains utterly unaffected by the process. The result completely removes warps while preserving the sonic glory of the records you love.

Let's again review why DF-01iA is more than meets the eye. Vinyl veterans know analog playback is all about physics. Even warps you might consider minor effect the tracking force and tracking angle of your cartridge. That means the pitch and harmonics on some of your favorite LPs get distorted. Why? Your tonearm and cartridge are being forced to contend with the constantly moving target of a warped record. So, what's the point of spending money on an expensive stylus and working so hard to set up your system when the surface of your record isn't flat? If you've leveled your turntable and properly set azimuth, VTF, and rake angle, DF-01iA+ ensures all of your records will be ready to work in harmony with those important adjustments. 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.

"This is a must have unit for anyone with an extensive record collection... The machine is absolutely brilliant... At this stage, I've comfortably flattened 50+ records and no longer give it a second thought. I have NO problems with the unit and not one record has suffered any damage."
– Richard Foster, Hi-Fi+


Energy consumption: 160W
Environmental conditions used: Indoor normal temperature (No condensation)
Humidity: 20%~90% (No condensation)
Included Adapters: 7", 10", 12"
Country of manufacture: Japan
Dimensions (WHD): 18.5" x 3.7" x 19.4"
Weitght: 24.3 lbs.

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