Opus Testrecord 4 - Depth of image - Timbre - Dynamic

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This Testrecord from Opus 3 contains a selection of naturally recorded acoustic music from the Opus 3 catalogue. As with previous Testrecords, it is intended as a reference for evaluating a sound reproduction unit purporting to be "genuine" High Fidelity.

The selection provides new examples of three important subject fields for sound reproduction: Depth Of Image, Timbre and Dynamics.

Side A

1. Nobody's Blues But Mine (C. Williams) 4'53

from "Tomas Ornberg's BLUE FIVE And Friends" Opus 3, No 19102

2. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie-Pickard-Casey) 4'33

from "Dream Dancing" with Lars Erstrand Quartet Opus 3, No 9101

3. Capriccio (Mendelssohn) 6'03

from Stockholm Guitar Quartet, Opus 3, No 9001

4. Concertino (L-E Larsson) 4'28

from "Clarinet Concertos", Opus 3, No 8801

5. Stompin' At The Savoy (Sampson-Goodman) 4'01

from "Erstrand-Lind Quartet", Opus 3, No 8603

6. Concertino (L-E Larsson) 4'45

from "Concertos for Double Bass And Orchestra" Opus 3, No 8502

Side B

1. Reunion Blues (M. Jackson) 4'50

from "Two Sides Of Lars Erstrand" Opus 3, No 8302

2. The King (M. Lingedal) 4'32

from "A Selection Of Knoa", Opus 3, No 8078

3. Black Beauty (D.Ellington) 4'30

from "Tomas Ornberg's BLUE FIVE, featuring: Kenny Davern, Opus 3, No 8003

4. House Of The Rising Sun (Traditional) 6'10

from "A Collection of Cyndee Peters & Eric Bibb" Opus 3 , No 7706

5. Look Over Yonder (Traditional) 2'47

from "A Collection of Cyndee Peters & Eric Bibb" Opus 3, No 7706

Additional Information

Record Label Opus 3
Music Genre Jazz