Opus 3 - A Selection From Test Records 1, 2 & 3

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This classic from 1977-1984 contains tracks from Lars Erstrand, Eric Bibb, Tomas Ornberg's Blue Five and more!

Containing various Opus 3 Artists this album is a selection from Opus 3's previous Test-Records including: Depth of Image – Timbre – Dynamics and Classic Opus 3 from 1977 – 1984. Originally this album was released in 1995 as an ordinary CD it is now an excellent sounding XRCD for testing your high-end audiophile sounds system. Includes these well known Opus 3 artists: Stockholm Guitar Quartet, Lars Erstrand, Eric Bibb and Tomas Örnber's Blue Five.

SHM-XRCD24 (Super High Material XRCD24) is the ultimate XRCD24 that utilizes the materials and technologies that were developed for the SHM-CD to further enhance the audio-resolution. These discs are made with polycarbonate developed for the screen of the liquid crystal display. As it has a higher transparency, players can read the signal more faithfully. Also, it excels in fluidity, which enables you to cast a more accurate pit. What works wonders for a low resolution format such as CD should offer even greater sonic improvements in a real high resolution format such as XRCD24.

This extended resolution CD 24 (XRCD24) from JVC brings the listener higher fidelity and improved audio quality by enhancing the process of mastering and manufacturing compact discs. The xrcd24 is compatible with all CD players.



• Made in Japan

Therese Juel

1. Tiden bara gar (R. Ronning)

Stockholm Guitar Quartet

2. Invention No. 14 (J.S. Bach)

Thomas Ornberg's Blue Five

3. Buddy Bolden Blues (Morton)


4. Unca's Flight (M. Lingedal)

Lars Erstrand

5. Land of the Midnight Sun (B. Wilbur)

Peder Riis

6. Fantasie (S.L. Weiss)

Eric Bibb

7. Going Home (trad. arr. by Eric Bibb)

Gunnar Lidberg

8. I Got Rhythm (G. I & Gershwin)

Saulesco String Quartet

9. 2nd Movement, Andante (J. Haydn)

Tomas Ornberg's Blue Five

10. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizeness If I Do (Porter-Grainger-Robbins)


11. Fantasie pour deux Gitares (F. Sor)

Knud Jorgensen Jazz Trio

12. My Heart Stood Still (R. Rogers)

Stockholm Guitar Quartet

13. Violin Concerto (Telemann)

Lars Erstrand

14. Four Brothers (J. Giuffre)

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