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180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl! Re-mastered by John Wood at Abbey Road Studios From Original Analogue Master Tapes!

An Authentic Reproduction of the 1970 First Pressing with Original Textured Sleeve, Audiophile Vinyl, Replica Shop Poster, Live Mini-Poster, Reprint of Nick's Handwritten Set List + Bonus Voucher with a Choice of Download Formats Including High Definition 24 Bit and Dubbed from Disc!

Following the huge success of Nick's third album "Pink Moon" on deluxe vinyl comes his second album "Bryter Layter" in a similar deluxe vinyl format.

The album is an exact replica of the original 1970 release: It is pressed on heavyweight audiophile vinyl, and remastered from 'near' original master tapes by the album's original engineer John Wood. For although the original tapes were unusable, John Wood had made a safety copy of the album in 1970 and it is from this that the new album has been struck.

It comes in a box containing the original shop poster, a smaller "Live" poster/brochure and a reprint of Nick's handwritten set list used for his live appearances, together with reproductions of the master tape and box lids. It is housed in an Island card inner bag in a single pocket textured sleeve just as the original release would have been.

Recent vinyl pressings of Bryter Layter have been poor quality, illegal counterfeits; this edition is as close to an original pressing as it is possible to get. Original copies change hands for high collectors prices.

After crafting a debut album full of beauteous, somber chamber-folk, Nick Drake pulled something of an about-face with the follow-up, Bryter Layter. With a bright, sparkling production and orchestrations that occasionally border on Easy Listening, the framework is light and airy where Five Leaves Left was dark and foreboding. The key, however, is that Drake's artfully expressed inner turmoil peeks through at every turn in the lyrics and in his understated-but-heartfelt vocal delivery.

"At the Chime of a City Clock" finds Drake facing existential despair at every turn, despite an almost-lugubrious string arrangement. Perhaps the crucial moment of Bryter Layter occurs on "Poor Boy", where female backing vocalists literally mock the singer's anguished laments. Clearly, for as much as Drake's heart and soul were bared in every note of his music, he was self-aware enough to know that his disillusioned-romantic view of the world was one that put him on the fringes of society. Of course, some 25 years later, his early-1970s work would find a much wider audience, even though the initial era of the sensitive singer/songwriter had long since passed.

Originally released November 1, 1970.

• Deluxe Box Set
• Audiophile 180g Virgin Vinyl
• Gatefold sleeve, inner sleeve, paper labels
• Replica shop poster
• Live Mini-poster (full color both sides)
• Reprint of Nick's handwritten set list
• Original Engineer/Producer John Wood
• Mastered from original master tapes
• Re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios
• Voucher with Choice of Download Formats, including High Definition 24 Bit and Dubbed from Disc
• Disc Made in Germany
• Total Playing Time: 39 minutes, 9 seconds
• Housed in 1' 1" x 1' 1" x 1" Box Set

Side 1:
1. Introduction
2. Hazey Jane II
3. At The Chime Of The City Clock
4. One Of These Things First
5. Hazey Jane I
Side 2:
1. Bryter Layter
2. Fly
3. Poor Boy
4. Northern Sky
5. Sunday

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Record Label Universal
Music Genre Pop - Rock