Keith Jarrett & Dennis Russell Davies - Ritual

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Contemporary classical music composed by Keith Jarrett is performed here by pianist Dennis Russell Davies.

"Keith Jarrett does not actually play on this LP; rather, it is Dennis Russell Davies, a classical pianist and conductor with whom Jarrett collaborates frequently, who performs this 32-minute Jarrett composition on a grand piano. Ritual has several of the characteristics of Jarrett's solo improvisations -- the repetitive vamps and ostinatos, wistful lyricism, ruminative episodes developing organically out of what preceded them -- but without the jazzy/bluesy feeling that runs through the solo concerts. Also, the piece begins in a mournful way unusual for the usually optimistic Jarrett. In any case, it is a thoughtful, absorbing composition, thoroughly tonal harmonically, played with assured technique and appropriate use of classical expressive devices by Davies. Classical listeners as well as Jarrett devotees will find much to savor here." -

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Dennis Russell Davies, piano

Side 1

1. Ritual (Part I)
Side 2
2. Ritual (Part II)

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Record Label ECM
Music Genre Jazz