Joni Mitchell - The Second Fret

• Vinyl LP

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Early Live Recordings On Vinyl LP!

The Second Fret album includes early versions of classic Joni Mitchell tracks like "Both Sides Now" & "Chelsea Morning". The material sourced for this release comes from the mid-sixties just prior to Joni gaining a recording contract with Reprise Records. At this point in her career she was writing songs that were so far removed from other singer songwriters that it was only a matter of time before she would get a recording contract. The fact that other respected artists were recording her songs was in all probability the clincher for Reprise to sign her up.

The songs featured in this set were recorded at a club date in late 1966 and 1967, although some of the material later would turn up on some of Joni's first albums from Reprise records. In fact, shortly after some of these performances Joni would sign the major record deal that would see her through the early seventies and form the bedrock of one of the most artistically satisfying and commercial careers in music.

• Vinyl LP

Side One:

1. Urge For Going
2. Both Sides Now
3. The Circle Game
4. Morning Morgantown
5. Chelsea Morning
6. I Had A King
Side Two:
1. Michael From Mountains
2. (Born To) Take The Highway
3. Eastern Rain
4. Song To A Seagull
5. Night In The City

Tracks 1-4 Side One & Side Two:
November 17, 1966
Tracks 5 & 6 Side One:
December 10, 1967

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Record Label Misc
Music Genre Pop - Rock