John Mayer - The Search For Everything

  • Seven-time Grammy winner releases his seventh album... Learn More

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  • Seven-time Grammy winner releases his seventh album!
  • 180-gram double LP

"The Search for Everything succeeds because he's not donning a new costume: instead, he's settling into a groove he can claim as his own, and it feels like he's at home." — AllMusic

You could easily describe John Mayer's latest set in a single phrase: It's a breakup album, writes Entertainment Weekly. But that glib shorthand does this probing album a disservice.

Although nearly every song addresses a lost love, the best ones deal with everything in life you can't control, from the speed of your emotional evolution to your genetic makeup. "How much of my mother has my mother left in me," Mayer asks during the crushing "In The Blood." "What about this feeling that I'm never good enough? / Will it wash out in the water / Or is it always in the blood?"

Moments like these make The Search for Everything the most deeply personal album Mayer has ever released. To nearly the same degree that Mayer's lyrics explore the limits of control, his music seeks to enforce it. As always, his songs stick to a scrupulously tidy mix of pop-R&B and folk-rock. In both melody and arrangement, it's tasteful to a fault. Same goes for his skilled and agile guitar licks, many of which recall the most reeled-in work of Eric Clapton's solo career.

But if mellowness remains Mayer's weakness, the brilliance of his best compositions provides a worthy trade-off. In the frank "Helpless," he wrestles with his blind spots, while, in the finale, "You're Gonna Live Forever In Me," he hits a career peak.


Side A
1. Still Feel Like Your Man
2. Emoji of a Wave
3. Helpless

Side B
1. Love on the Weekend
2. In the Blood
3. Changing

Side C
1. Theme from "The Search for Everything"
2. Moving On and Getting Over
3. Never on the Day You Leave

Side D
1. Rosie
2. Roll it on Home
3. You're Gonna Live Forever in Me

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Record Label Columbia
Music Genre Pop - Rock