Jamiroquai - The Return Of The Space Cowboy



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Best selling sophomore albums are one of the music industry's rarest gems.  One example of such a gem is Jamiroquai's second album Return Of The Space Cowboy.  Improving on their infectious blend of funky R&B and Acid Jazz, Jamiroquai delivered Return Of The Space Cowboy in 1994, hitting the charts with a vengeance and amassing global recognition as THE leading Pop Funk band.  

Incredibly groovy and tight, Jamiroquai expanded their compositions into the realms of Jazz and this was accompanied by a positive but critical message regarding human rights and environmental issues. The hits "Space Cowboy" and "Light Years" propelled Return Of The Space Cowboy into all-time favourite status among alternative Pop lovers all over the world.  Now with enhanced, remastered audio.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Download card included

Side A
1. Just Another Story
2. Stillness In Time     
Side B
1. Half The Man
2. Light Years
3. Manifest Destiny
Side C
1. The Kids
2. Mr Moon
3. Scam     
Side D
1. Journey To Arnhemland
2. Morning Glory
3. Space Cowboy

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Record Label Sony
Music Genre Pop - Rock