Gram Parsons - GP

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Gram Parsons GP on numbered limited edition hybrid SACD from Mobile Fidelity

1973 landmark set a profoundly influential record on country, folk, and rock genres

Parsons' first effort with musical and life soulmate Emmylou Harris

Influential doesn't begin to capture the scope, legacy, and brilliance of Gram Parsons' GP. By wedding traditional country threads with folk, soul, and rock fabrics, the singer/guitarist unconsciously gave birth to a new subgenre that would later evolve into what we now know as country-rock and Americana. Whether it's James Burton's dobro or guitar playing, Elvis Presley drummer Ron Tutt keeping the beat, or Glen Hardin's tuckpointed piano riffs, the combination of instruments and deliveries translate into Southern-flavored, California-stirred, desert-ripened magic. And those nuanced vocals. Restrained, plaintive, melodic, and almost effortless, Parsons and Harris' are often the sound of angels taking country and turning into white spirituals. GP never cracked the Billboard album charts or yielded a hit single. But time has testified on behalf of its magnificence and importance.

1. Still Feeling Blue

2. We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning

3. A Song for You

4. Streets of Baltimore

5. She

6. That's All It Took

7. The New Soft Shoe

8. Kiss the Children

9. Cry One More Time

10. How Much I've Lied

11. Big Mouth

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Record Label Mobile Fidelity
Music Genre Pop - Rock