GOKA RECORD PRO - Record Cleaning Machine

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The Record Pro record cleaning machine is solidly made, professional in appearance, easy to use, and very effective.
Available in silver or black finish.

Operation is simple.
Place a record on the platter. Screw on the clamp. Start the platter motor. Apply a few mL of cleaning fluid. (L'Art du Son is recommended). Work the fluid into the grooves across the whole record. When you have an even layer of fluid covering all the tracks, turn on the vacuum motor. Two revolutions is enough to completely remove all the dirty fluid. Remove the clamp, flip the record over, and repeat.
There is a discharge tube which can be positioned into a sink or bottle (not included) to collect the removed fluid. 

See the video.


Cleaning arm with velvet pad
Record clamp
Vacuum motor
Turntable motor
Cleaning brush
Cleaning solution 150mL
240V Australian power cord
Instruction book
Strong cardboard carton for safe transportation

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