Teresa Teng - Poetry & Rhymes (Mild Sentimentality & Affectionate) XRCD2 & DVD

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The immensely popular Chinese pop singer from Taiwan was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads, many of which became standards in her lifetime.

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(translation below)
1. I come up to the west chamber in solitude
2. May we continue to survive life
3. How much melancholy
4. Grass feels not
5. A night silent and long
6. Whom have I that knows how I feel this moment in time?
7. Tears over a powdered face
8. Pandemonium of millions of rustling leaves
9. We were to rendezvous after twilight
10. We look into each other’s teary eyes
11. I’ve something to say yet I say nothing
12. I long for you
13. Boundless Universe
14. Leave no trace
15. As Tender As a Fairy Tale
16. Fate River
17. Midnight breeze
1. I come up to the west chamber in solitude
2. I long for you

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