Teresa Teng - Greatest Hits (15th Anniversay)


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SHM-XRCD Contains 15 Songs Performed In Chinese!

The female musician Teresa Teng (1953-1995) was an immensely popular Chinese pop singer from Taiwan. Her voice and music are a cross between Joni Mitchell and Celine Dion! Her voice and songs are instantly recognized throughout East Asia. She was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads, many of which became standards in her lifetime.


  • Made in Japan


  1. Rambling Way Of Life
  2. Come Again
  3. Sweet
  4. In The Water Side
  5. Forget Him
  6. Do You Know Who I Love
  7. Countryside Story
  8. Me And You
  9. Goodbye My Lover
  10. Xishan Dongshan Rainy Sunny
  11. How Do You Say
  12. Rhine
  13. Original Nostalgia Concentrated
  14. Boat Dweller
  15. The Moon Represents My Heart

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Music Genre World