Song Zuying - Epics Of Love

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A Sensational Vocal Performance by Song Zuying! Breathtaking Acoustic Ambience! Epics of Love: An Anthology of Ancient Chinese Poetry Renowned Chinese ethnic vocalist Song Zuying, accompanied by conductor Yu Long and China Philharmonic Orchestra, performs an anthology of ancient Chinese poems that spans over 2,500 years of time. The essence of love both graceful and epic, transforming over generations through the works of Chinese "Literati", is wonderfully embodied into the sensational vocal performance of the unique singer. With an ensemble of prominent musical talents in the country, the album illustrates the marriage of East and West by modern classical orchestrations and choirs crossing-over with exotic Chinese solo instruments and recitals. Tasked with such an ambitious project, the Stockfisch crew traveled to Beijing with their own equipment in 2011, recorded in the spectacular concert hall of China National Radio. The album is mastered in multi-channel hybrid SACD, with a 5.1 surround mix that captures the breathtaking acoustic ambience. A 60-page book was the format of choice for the rich collection of original Chinese poems, English translations, literature synopses, studio & sessions photos, and many more. Features: • 5.1 Surround Sound • 60-page book featuring a rich collection of Original Chinese Poems, English Translations, Literature Synopses, Studio & Session Photos, and much more! Musicians: Song Zuying, vocals China Philharmonic Orchestra Yu Long, conductor Selections: 1. Crying Ospreys 2. Song of the Yue Boatman 3. Song of the Western Islet 4. For the Moment, Drinking Wine 5. A Journeyer's Song 6. A Twig of Mume Blossoms 7. A Riverside Town 8. Charm of a Maiden Singer 9. On the Trail of Sweet Incense 10. Slow, Slow Tune 11. Bells Ringing in the Rain 12. Phoenix Hairpin 13. Groping for Fish 14. The Peony Pavilion

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