Eastern Fragrance

Beautiful garden scenery is portrayed by the traditional Chinese instruments... Learn More

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Sound of East Asian instruments combine to create the sensation of dancing amidst a floral garden. This unique album effortlessly caught worldwide attention at the Music Exhibition of MIDEM in French. It employs Asian instruments to portray the extraordinary nature of bamboo, the calming fragrances of chrysanthemums, the alluring gestures of plums and the charming character of pine. Sit back and relax in this harmonious natural scene, sense the gentle Eastern breeze as you listen to these distinctive melodies.

Beautiful garden scenery is portrayed by the traditional Chinese instruments in this recording. Through the soothing sounds, the sensations of the calming fragrance of the chrysanthemums, the alluring gesture of the plum blossoms, and the lively dancing of the bamboo leaves are vividly presented. Relax and enjoy this garden tour through music.

The Extended Resolution Compact Disc (XRCD) brings listeners higher fidelity and improved audio quality by enhancing the process of mastering and manufacturing compact discs. JVC uses advanced dither algorithms in their proprietary K2 technology and takes special care to transfer the analogue or digital source to physical disc. Every nuance of the performance is duplicated as it was recorded, with higher accuracy in both sound quality and imaging. All of this is done with the current CD standard, so no special CD player or decoding box is needed.

1. Wild Beauty By Country Fences - Wild Chrysanthemum
2. Heart-Touching Sound Of Bamboo
3. In And Out Of A Dream
4. Apricot Blossom (Lady Yang Gui-Fei)
5. Fairy By The Moonlight - The Vermilion Plum Blossom
6. Bamboo Fairy
7. Dancing Fairy
8. Pine Upon A Mirror
9. Bamboo Watching

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Record Label Wind Music
Music Genre World