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Hybrid Stereo SACD

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Hybrid Stereo SACD

A compliation featuring some of jazz's most well-known names. Garfield, Cole Porter, Coltrane, Knowles, Gershwin, Heyward, Bishop, Leigh, Wilkins, Henry, Strayhorn, Broonzy, Seger, Jackson, James Leary, Munyungo Jackson, Toolbox, Kate Mc Garry, Todd Cochran, Vickie Leigh, Sekou Bunch, Main Liners, Josh Sklair, Karen Knowles, Sam Sklair.

The heart and soul of any recorded sound must surely be the acoustical properties of the room or hall itself, and the microphones being used within that acoustic.

David Manley designed the Vital Music studio in Chino, California, for "purist" recording techniques only, with all the music played "live" and captured through a Manley "Gold Reference" Stereo Condenser Microphone, straight onto 2 stereo tracks. The Studer C37 analogue tape deck with only Manley pure tube circuitry, at 15 ips, was used with no noise reduction and mastered for CD Gold through the dCS Converter A/D to create the digital master.

Sound, pure and, powerful and satisfying.

1. Memories Of Rio - More Toolbox 2. Easy To Love - Kate McGarry 3. Naima - Sekou 4. Espresso - Moonglow 5. Gone Gone Gone - James 6. Big-Hearted Woman - More Vickie 7. Prodigal Son - Main Liners 8. Boplicity - Virgo 9. Spiral - James II 10. Chelsea Bridge - Todd 11. Key To The Highway - Josh 12. Columbiana - Munyungo

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