Fleetwood Mac - Say You Will

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17th Studio Album On Double LP!
First Time On Vinyl!

The 17th studio album from Fleetwood Mac, Say You Will was released in 2003. It was the group's first studio album since the 1995 release of "Time". The reunion album is their final studio album to date.

• Double LP
• First time on vinyl

Stevie Nicks, vocals, keyboards
Lindsey Buckingham, vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion
John McVie, bass, black keys
Mick Fleetwood, drums, percussion

Side One:

1. What's The World Coming To
2. Murrow Turning Over In His Grave
3. Illume (9-11)
4. Throw Down

Side Two:
1. Miranda
2. Red Rover
3. Say You Will
4. Peacekeeper

Side Three:
1. Come
2. Smile At You
3. Running Through The Garden
4. Silver Girl
5. Steal Your Heart Away

Side Four:
1. Bleed To Love Her
2. Everybody Finds Out
3. Destiny Rules
4. Say Goodbye
5. Goodbye Baby

Additional Information

Record Label Reprise
Music Genre Pop - Rock