Esther Ofarim - Esther

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200 Gram Virgin Vinyl Mastered by Doug Sax!

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Matte/Glossy Box Set with Silver-Foil Lettering!

Mastered Directly from the Original Analog Master Tapes!

Sultry Voice in German, French, Latin, Italian, Turkish & Hebrew!!

Available for the first time on 200-gram vinyl!


If you like the sweet voice of Ayako Hosokawa, the sexy voice of Mari Nakamoto, the unique voice of Patricia Barber and the tender voice of Jacintha, then you must listen to Esther. Ofarim, an Israeli female vocalist, was in the 1970's a part of the duo Esther and Abi Ofarim and later she pursued her career as a solo artist. Ofarim put out records in several styles throughout her career, including folk music (of Israel and other cultures and countries), folk-rock, novelty, and orchestrated folk-pop-classical-rock in the style of Judy Collins. Ofarim often released records in English, with virtually no trace of an Israeli accent, and also performed and recorded for a while with her one-time husband Abi.

Although not too well-known to the English-speaking audience (particularly in the United States), Ofarim has impinged on the pop and rock consciousness from time to time. In 1968, she had a British number one hit (also a big seller in other countries, though not in the U.S.) with the novelty "Cinderella Rockafella," recorded as part of a duo with husband Abi; Esther and Abi had another British hit, "One More Dance," later that year.


• 200g Virgin Vinyl

• Pressed at Quality Record Pressings

• Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab

• Mastered Directly from the Original Master Tapes

• Encased in Matte & Glossy Finish Box

• Includes Full Color 12"x12" Insert


Esther Ofarim, vocals

Erich Ferstl, guitar

Chamber Orchestra of Munich Philharmonic


Side A:

1. Kinderspiele (German)

2. Rataplan (French)

3. El Rey Nimrod (Latin)

4. Hayu Leiloth (Hebrew)

5. Nique Nac No Muse (French)

6. Una Matica De Ruda (Latin)

Side B:

7. La Vezina Catina (Latin)

8. Tziyunyanai Haderech (Hebrew)

9. La Scillitana (Italian)

10. Leil Galil (Hebrew)

11. Pamparapam (Turkish)

12. Pavane (French)

Additional Information

Record Label First Impression Music - Lasting Impression Music
Music Genre Folk