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Fully Burn-In & Rejuvenate your ENTIRE Audio System in as little as 65 Minutes with the Esoteric TEAC Iso-Tek Full System Enhancer & Rejuvenation Disc!

The Esoteric TEAC Iso-Tek System Conditioning disc was developed to reduce the time needed for system break-in or "burn-in". It is well known that audio systems require 400-500 hours to fully break-in and sound their very best.

All signals on this disc were produced according to strict mathematical criteria for system burn-in. The tracks also include a demagnetizing function for audio components, helping to 'rejuvenate' your entire system, post burn-in.

It is important to exercise the component and/or system across the full range of frequencies and amplitudes it may encounter in real life, and to this end the tones on this disc have been devised to cover the audio band from top to bottom, also ensuring that high amplitude signals are combined with high speed signals.

There is good reason for the various signals and tones on this disc bearing no relation, perceived or calculated, to music. At first sight, the problem of burning in a component and/or system may seem to call for some kind of signal that resembles music in certain specifics but somehow 'works faster' in exercising and/or settling down the various components within the system. But while such a signal can be generated, it doesn't burn equipment in very fast and doesn't address the rejuvenation function either. The required signal features high-speed activity coupled with high-amplitude excursions. All of these signals have been produced according to strict mathematical criteria so as to place the greatest stress on the important parts of a component or system - WITHOUT, it is important to note, endangering any part of it. If this disc is played at normal listening levels (volume control set as for your favorite listening material), there is NOTHING in it that will damage any normal music system. Raising the volume level higher will NOT improve the disc's performance. If you play our disc at extremely high volume levels we will not be held responsible for damage that may occur.

The Esoteric TEAC Iso-Tek burn in/break in disc features three tracks. 0.1 (30 minutes) and 0.2 (30 minutes) are similar, with the second being optimized for systems with large loudspeakers and/or subwoofer(s). In general, use 0.1 for most stand-mounted speakers, 0.2 for floor-standing models, except perhaps the slimmest.

The differences are neither profound nor dangerous, but the benefits of 0.2, in the right situations, we have found to be audible. The last few minutes of each track are intended specifically for system demagnetizing and we DO advise that playback of each track should be performed in full.

Track 0.3 (5 minutes) has been specifically developed as a quick 'spruce-up' for the hi-fi, consisting of a little of the 'hi-fi aerobics' from the start or Tracks 0.1 and 0.2 followed by a slightly less comprehensive demagnetization regime which, however, should be quite adequate to redress any ill effects accruing over a day or two's use or disuse.

This is a great disk for breaking in high-end components, cables, speakers....whatever is connected to your CD player. For those using a computer for Hi-Rez music files, rip to your hard drive and break-in your Fire-wire/USB cable (plus) all cables hooked to your DAC!


• Fully burns in a complete audio or home theater component system

• Burns in a digital recorder, data storage recording device, loudspeakers, wire and cable

• Fully demagnetizes

• Rejuvenation track which can be used as a daily warm up or weekly cleanse

• Suitable for all systems

• Includes 65 minutes of burn-in, full system demagnetization and rejuvenation tracks.


Track 1:

Full system burn-in and demagnetization for electronics, interconnects and cables.

Track 2:

Full system burn-in and conditioning with additional low level tones affecting electronics, interconnects, cables, sub-woofers and loudspeakers.

Track 3:

Full system enhancement and rejuvenation (Post burn-in), including demagnetization tones effecting electronics, interconnects, cables, sub-woofers and loudspeakers.

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