Culture Club - Greatest Hits



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Numbered, Limited Edition Hybrid SACD!

One of the most iconic '80s pop bands, Culture Club earned seven consecutive Top 10 hits in the UK and scored five Top 10 albums. The Greatest Hits includes the smash singles "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?", "Time (Clock Of The Heart), "The War Song", "Love Is Love" and "Karma Chameleon".


  • Numbered, Limited Edition - 1000 Copies
  • Super Audio CD
  • SACD Stereo SACD Layer
  • This Hybrid SACD contains a 'Red Book' Stereo CD Layer which is playable on most conventional CD Players!
  • Made in Japan


  1. Do You really Want To Hurt Me?
  2. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
  3. I'll Tumble 4 Ya
  4. Church Of The Poison Mind
  5. Karma Chameleon
  6. Victims
  7. It's A Miracle
  8. Miss Me Blind
  9. The War Song
  10. The Medal Song
  11. Mistake No.3
  12. Love Is Love
  13. Move Away
  14. God Thank You Woman
  15. I Just Wanna Be Loved
  16. Your Kisses Are Charity
  17. Cold Shoulder

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Record Label Universal
Music Genre Pop - Rock