Cowboy Junkies - The Nomad Series Extras

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In 2011, the Cowboy Junkies embarked on their most ambitious project yet, to write and record four albums in 18 months. The result was The Nomad Series, featuring the albums Renmin Park, Demons, Sing in My Meadow and The Wilderness. When they were done, the band realized they had songs that hadn't quite made the four albums, but were too good to keep hidden. The result is this box set, featuring the same box that houses The Nomad Series, but only containing the fifth LP Extras. Extras, featuring 10 tracks, has the same embossed outer sleeve and printed inner that Volumes 1 to 4 share. Together with Extras, this box set includes the Paths Taken Live 12-inch, and the 36-page glossy booklet from the full five-LP Nomad Series box set. Extras LP Side 1 My Boy Burns The Girl behind The Man Behind The Gun Old Hotel Marathon Punching Holes Through Side 2 Sad Peter Pan Demons Guilty By Association Forthright Stay Inside Paths Taken 12” Side 1 Spiral Down Followers 2 Side 2 My Little Basquiat Mountain

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Record Label Diverse Records
Music Genre Alternative Music