Chuck Berry - Chuck Berry is on Top - St. Louis To Liverpool

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After the laborious but rewarding work put into their Little Richard hits package (SACD 2028) in 2006, MoFi turned its sight on finalizing the production on two classic albums by the legendary Chuck Berry. Nearly two years and 15 analog reels of tape later, they are truly excited about the exclusive pairing of …Berry Is On Top (1959) with St. Louis To Liverpool (1964). Like the Richard albums, both Berry titles originally were compilations that Chess Records had actually assembled from singles and various sessions for their 12" debuts. While lucky with St. Louis to Liverpool, whose reels had been retained intact, the real fun was …Berry Is On Top, where the majority of songs were each on separate spools which had to be hunted down, identified and auditioned.


    1. Almost Grown
    2. Carol
    3. Maybellene
    4. Sweet Little Rock & Roller
    5. Anthony Boy
    6. Johnny B. Goode
    7. Little Queenie
    8. Jo Jo Gunne
    9. Roll Over Beethoven
    10. Around and Around
    11. Hey Pedro
    12. Blues For Hawaiians
    13. Little Marie
    14. Our Little Rendezvous
    15. No Particular Place To Go
    16. You Two
    17. Promised Land
    18. You Never Can Tell
    19. Go Bobby Soxer
    20. The Things I Used To Do
    21. Liverpool Drive
    22. Night Beat
    23. Merry Christmas Baby
    24. Brenda Lee
    25. Fraulein
    26. O’Rangutang
    27. The Little Girl From Central

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