Chet Baker - Featuring Dick Twardzick Recorded In Paris

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Audio Beat Rated 4/5 Music, 3.5/5 Sound!
"Recording of the Year Award at CES, Las Vegas 2014 by The Audio Beat Magazine!

Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl! Only 750 Copies!
Remastered From Original Master Tapes! Pressed by Pallas in Germany!

In the tradition of labels wholly devoted to vinyl re-pressing, Sam Records puts out a product of top-notch musical and visual quality.

While so many labels confine themselves to re-mastering digital versions and reproducing the original artwork by simply scanning the cover, Sam Records uses only master tapes and re-creates record covers using the original photographs, paintings and/or drawings. That generally involves some painstaking detective work, so it’s a job for conscientious professionals, not corner-cutting amateurs.

Sam Records' re-pressings pay tribute to the people – the musicians, producers, labels, photographers, graphic artists and sound engineers – who created the original recordings that have become enduring legends of 1950s and ’60s jazz.

Reissue using the original photos from Jean-Pierre Leloir, remastered from the original master tapes. Limited edition 750 copies — 180-gram vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany.

Front and back covers are identical to the originals, made using original negatives or prints if still available.

Comes with a large-sized high-quality print of a photograph from the archives of Jean-Pierre Leloir.

This session, recorded at Studio Pathe-Magellan October 11, 1955 in Paris, is the first of three recordings for the Barclay label between 1955 and 1956.

Chet, with Richard “Dick” Twardzik on piano, Jimmy Bond on bass and Peter Littmann on drums, performs the beautiful compositions of Robert L. ‘Bob’ Zieff. A masterpiece!!!

Re-issue using the original photo from Jean-Pierre Leloir, re-mastered from the original master tapes. Limited edition 180 gram vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany.

"Baker is relaxed and mellifluous throughout, but the significance of the session comes from the bold playing of Richard Twardzik, a classically trained 24-year-old pianist who gained a reputation for innovation and daring... As physical objects, the Sam Records LPs are gorgeous. The sleeves are authentic copies of the originals, with European-style fold-over seams and crisp, vibrant graphics, and the Pallas-pressed, flat-edge records are gleaming slabs that play with essentially no noise." - Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat, Rated 4/5 Music, 3.5/5 Sound

• Limited Edition, 750 copies!
• Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl
• Re-mastered from Original Master Tapes
• Pressed by Pallas in Germany
• High Quality Jackets with Detailed and Faithfull Reproductions of the Original Artwork Inside and Out!

Chet Baker, trumpet
Dick Twardzik, piano
Jimmy Bond, bass
Peter Littmann, drums

1. Rohdette
2. Piece Caprice
3. Mid-Forte
4. Re-Search
5. Pomp
6. Sad Walk
7. Just Duo
8. The Girl From Greeland
9. Brash

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Record Label Sam Records
Music Genre Jazz