Charly Antolini - Knock Out 2K

Areas of application:

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Charly Antolini: Knock Out 2K is a new, more sophisticated method for various applications (see below), which was first introduced in the market (Knock Out) in 1979. Consciously the recipe was retained (Charly Antolini, Wolfgang Schmid, Nippy Noya) in order to keep the proven level of side effects.

Areas of application:

• Excellent entertainment

• To test the strengths and weaknesses of the HiFi-Equipment.

Side effects:

This audiophile LP, to be played in 45 RPM, may have in addition to the desired main effect also side effects. Side effects that have been observed but which are not applicable to every listener are hereinafter referred to as:

• Heavy drum kicks can tear a hole in the purse - caused by the purchase of new speakers;

• Extreme deep basses can disarrange the digestion;

• Diversified arrangements can lead into a disorder of listening to boring music;

• Occasionally an obsession to listen to a good sound was observed.


    Sticks To Me
    Cha Cha Bonita
    Get Down
    Tandoorini's Nirvana
    Ayers Rock
    Arabian Desert Groove
    Jungle Train

Additional Information

Record Label Inakustik
Music Genre Jazz