Are You Authentic? - AYA - AUTHENTIC AUDIO CHECK 2


  • Double CD
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Are You Authentic? Sequel To The Excellent Auto & Home Hi-Fi Test On Double CD!
Take Your Systems One Step Further!

Eight years is a long time - but the last few months are always the toughest of all. Now that the new Jurors CD has been in use at AYA's "Events" since the beginning of the season, they are no longer waiting for you: The new Authentic Audio Check CD 2 is finally available!

Both classical "man with guitar" folklore and baroque and symphony orchestras are part of the colorful mix of 40 years of Stockfisch. Allan Taylor speaks the intro of the second edition, and well-known and current Stockfisch tracks have been remastered and now sound with fantastic authenticity.

In short, the scope has almost doubled in all respects: The selection has grown from 20 to 39 tracks - not a single one was left untouched! And because more than 120 minutes of outstanding music does not fit on one CD, AYA made a double CD out of it - blue and orange matching the uniforms of their jurors. But don't worry, nobody reads the installation rules on the blue CD either - only fantastic recordings by passionate musicians were collected on both discs!

AYA wish all listeners a lot of fun with the new Authentic Audio Check 2 - and hope to give you another tool to take your systems one step further.


  • Double CD


CD 1

  1. Introduction (with Allan Taylor)
  2. Left - Right Check (with Allan Taylor)
  3. Pink Noise For Setting Level at 74 dBA
  4. Beo Brockhausen - Wolkenmeer
  5. David Munyon - Purple Rain
  6. Blue Chamber Quartet - Children's Songs 15 & 16
  7. Chris Jones - No Sanctuary Here
  8. Allan Taylor - Allan Says Goodbye To Derroll
  9. Derroll Adams - Memories
  10. Allan Taylor - The Beat Hotel
  11. Steve Strauss - Just Like Love
  12. Paul O'Brien - American Car - Studio Session
  13. Steve Strauss - Mr. Bones
  14. The Paperboys - Mary
  15. Blue Chamber Quartet - Children's Song 9
  16. La Folia Barockorchester - A. Vivaldi - La Primavera, Allegro
  17. Bassface Swing Trio feat. Barbara Bürkle - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
  18. David Roth - Streets Of London

CD 2

  1. The Paperboys - Country Life
  2. Djembe Walk (African Drum)
  3. Ian Smith - Lady Overlander
  4. Focus - Complete
  5. Focus - Left
  6. Focus - Right
  7. Focus - Center
  8. Focus - Left Center
  9. Focus - Right Center
  10. Walzen-Spieluhr (Cylinder Music Box)
  11. Carrie Newcomer - Sparrow
  12. Zebra Sommerwind - Es saß ein klein wild Vögelein
  13. Blue Chamber Quartet - Good Bye My Love
  14. Pink Noise For Setting Level at 84 dBA
  15. Allan Taylor & Göttinger Symphony Orch. - The Beggar
  16. Song Zuying & China Philharmonic Orch. - A Riverside Town
  17. New York Nights
  18. Blue Chamber Quartet - Music 4-4
  19. Ralf Gustke & Grischka Zepf - Drums & Bass
  20. David Munyon - Save The Whales In Placerville & Hickston
  21. Sara K. - Made In The Shade

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Record Label Stockfisch Records
Music Genre Jazz