Stuggart Chamber Orchestra - The Tube - Works by Corelli, Biber, Vivaldi, Boccherini and Sammartini

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The title of this record is The Tube because they used tubes every step of the way. From a Neumann M49 (tube mic) to the tube mixer and amplifier to a Telefunken M5 tape recorder and finally mastered with tubes. Throughout this gatefold album there are many beautiful pictures of the vintage recording equipment used on this recording with explanations of the pain staking processes they went through to achieve the great sound you will hear on this album.

1. Concerto Grosso op.6 No. 7 d Major
2. Battalia a 10
3. Concerto alla Rustica G Major
4. La Musica Notturna della strade di Madrid
5. Sinfonia F Major

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Record Label Tacet
Music Genre Classicals