Modest Mussorgsky - Schirmer


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Half-speed mastered

Side 2 plays backwards! Inspiring tube sound!

Pianist Markus Schirmer performs Ravel's Miroirs along side Mussourgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition for an entrancing recording.

A small boat rocks helplessly on the waves, delivered up by the ocean; the listener holds tight onto the edge so they don't fall out. Unhatched chicks dancing in their shells; the listener experiences their confinement. It's an almost perfect illusion, whether it's the bells down below in the valley or the catacombs where the dead lie sleeping. And the "Dance of the Hut on Fowl's Legs" gives free rein to fantasy, even in the title! Anything is possible — inside your head! This is by no means just because of Tacet Real Surround Sound. It comes from the 3 Ms — Modest Mussorgsky, Maurice Ravel, and Markus Schirmer. Old works in a new guise.

This album features Tacet's "backwards" mastering technique. Unlike a "normal" LP the needle is put down at the lead-out groove on Side 2 and moves outwards. The unusual cutting technique is designed to reduce inner groove distortion, with the awareness that music often begins softly and ends loudly, enabling the disc to better reproduce the increasing level of sound.

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)
    Miroirs (1904/1905)
    1. Noctuelles
    2. Oiseaux tristes
    3. Une barque sur l'Ocean
    4. Alborada del grazioso
    5. La vallee des cloches
Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881)
    6-21. Pictures at an Exhibition (1874)

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Record Label Tacet
Music Genre Classicals